Help...removing milky taste

Hi everyone,

After over ten years of stomach problems and the doctors still haven’t found the cause, I have decided to try out Huel to see whether it can settle things. I get ill when I eat a lot of food, but there seem to be few trends and it seems impossible to work out what I can and cannot eat. However, I do know that I am lactose intolerant (and from this, my body has learnt to hate the taste of any dairy products).

I am having major problems trying to drink huel as it reminds me of milk. It’s kind of like protein powder (which I can just about manage) but much thicker and stronger - and I just can’t manage to drink it without gagging. One of the main suggestions on here seems to be to mix it with milk to help with the taste - which obviously is’t helpful for me. I have tried fruit and cordial but neither seem to be strong enough to mask the taste properly.

Does anyone have any recommendations? I really want to give Huel a proper go as I have heard so many positive things about it. I just don’t think I can force it down every day…

Many thanks!

Are you UU or Vanilla Huel?

I have only tried the vanilla so I think I am going to have a go at UU before giving up (as well as trying a few more flavour combinations). I’ll keep the forum updated!

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