High salt diet

I’m on a high salt diet. Was taking salt tablets as prescribed by the cardiologist, but stopped doing that and just added salt or soya sauce to foods.

Only replacing up to two meals a day with Huel so I could just eat a salty third cooked meal. However, if I wanted to have a higher salt Huel meal instead, what would you suggest? Obviously I could just add a bit of salt, but that doesn’t taste particularly good. Has anyone got any ideas for salty flavours?

Can I ask why you’re on a high salt diet?

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Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome

It has been recommended by a cardiologist who is an expert in this field and not just something I have decided to do based on reading the Daily Mail or something like that.

You could simply mix some salt with water and neck it. I used to do this when I woke up, I had these weird unexplained low blood pressure episodes for a while, stopped it being as severe.

Bovril is another one to add to the list.

Hello @Dan_Huel I have been looking for information about the link between high salt intake an liquid retention in the body but I haven’t found any consistent answer or scientific evidence. It seems that vary a lot depending of other minerals proportions of the body and the physical activity…

Do you know any interesting reference or answer to this topic?

Sorry Adrián, I don’t know much about this topic. @JamesCollier might.

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Hm, I tried adding a bit of salt to Huel once, and was surprised how overpowering it was. I can easily stuff many times that amount in almost any savoury meal without noticing.

As to why I did, I sometimes faint when I stand up. Probably postural/orthostatic hypotension, but not seen a doctor yet. Am curious – is this similar to your issue?

I wonder if soy sauce, Marmite or a stock cube (in U&U) would work better. Alternatively, drink the stock cube in tea. My gran used to give me this and I really liked it.

I only add a pinch of salt to every Huel UU, but my doubt is that if there is any evidence about liquid retention and a high salt diet like mine. I do because I like good quality salt and I prefer to have a higher than average intake.

I did my research and there is no clear evidence about high mortality and cardiovascular issues with the salt intake, but I havent found anything with water retention and I dont know if this a myth or not

I have to correct myself; after experimenting with adding salt (to “treat” a chronic hypotension) I got a really bad tissue edema - perhaps it was too much salt, but now I’ll definitely stop it.

If you worry about fluid retention why don’t you just get rid of salt/sodium? No one needs that, it does not even taste good…