Hold on lads I've got an idea - Huel 5.0

First off, I’ll be honest, I haven’t tried Huel yet but I’m going to and I think it’s a brilliant idea. It’s led me to another idea.

Huel might be limited in its appeal to people like me who already use supplements for sport, hopefully not, but if you could make it into something that is like real food it might have more appeal.

If you can 3D print a building, could you 3D print food using Huel? Could you recreate textures and flavours in a sort of food printer? A Huel food vending machine.

It could be genius… it’s probably not is it?


There you go, 3D printed food is on it’s way. Add in the ingredients and principles of Huel and various natural colours and flavours and you’ve got perfect food printed from your Huel vending machines.


Can’t wait for 3d printed food. Imagine if we could print out a perfect square of steak, without having to raise and slaughter an animal? Incredible and I’m confident we will get there, though sadly not in my lifetime.

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I think you are underestimating the length of your lifetime - http://impossiblefoods.com/. If you want closer to the real thing there are lab grown meats (from animal host cells) that are making their way out of the laboratory and into the commercial space now - the cost is flying down.

As for the OP’s thinking, you can already form Huel into decent solid formats - bars, breads, pancakes, scones etc. The ability to print food has far less impact on the chemistry than do the processing and any added ingredients.

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Some interesting links coming up on here.

Definitely I could use Huel for baking, I’ll give that a go when I get some, but the idea of a machine that could hold the basic product with it’s long shelf life and, at the press of a button, create a variety of products, complete meals, in public places or workplaces would be really convenient and sticks by the Huel idea of no wastage too.

Red Dwarf springs to mind.

BTW Re your link, I could definitely go for being a vegan, as long as I could still eat meat (daftest sentence ever written).

This new “platform” overlaps with you’re ideas - https://www.juicero.com/. The “food tech” space is exploding with innovation.

I watched the video, to be honest, that product is the answer to a lot of questions that nobody I know has ever asked.

Wow, Juicero actually seems really interesting. I am personally a huge grump when it comes to juice because of the sugar (“but it’s fruit sugar, it’s nothing like the sugar in soda!”), but these packs seem well thought out. The only thing is the price… Over 5 pounds for one serving!! There are so few calories in these, so it would pretty much come 100% on top of your other food costs.

£5 for a serving and $699 for the “cold press” machine to squeeze the bags for you.