Home gym question

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I’m a calisthenics enthusiast and I personally use resistance bands! These bands have good reviews! They’re great because all you really need then is a secure door. There’s also a bunch of exercises that you can use to replicate typical gym equipment.

After a quick search I found this study Effects of training with elastic resistance versus conventional resistance on muscular strength: A systematic review and meta-analysis

“The outcomes of this systematic review and meta-analysis demonstrated that training with elastic resistance provide strength gains similar to training with conventional resistance”

Hope that helps with your home gym journey!

I have an exercise bike in my home gym (also known as the kitchen / diner area). It’s all I have space for. I have a mat too so I can do bodyweight exercises but that’s it.

The same here, I put equipment in my old cabinet. I want to have more, but I can’t use the living room.

I really wanted to but I neither have the room or money to do it. I would love to have a free weight gym and a Wattbike however, due to demand I have seen weights sky rocket and getting hold of good ones or even second hand is worse than trying to get toilet rolls in March 2020.

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It depends on what you’re interested in.

I have seen free weights knocking around for a reasonable price. The best thing to look for is a set of dumbbells with adjustable weights like this

I think TRX bands or something similar are also really good if you have the space to move with them.


I have TRX but I am learning how to use it. I heard it can replace a lot of equipment.

Yeah it’s really difficult isn’t it. Hopefully soon we can get back to gyms. I’ve been mixing up my training. I don’t have dumbbells but have a couple of kettlebells.


  • versitile - can use them for cardio/high intensity work but also as weights (I use them for bent-over rows, single arm shoulder press etc)


  • if you use them as weights you basically have to do them unilateral, which takes way more time
  • need to increase reps to increase overload, since you can’t just increase the weight without buying more

Also have been massively converted on resistance bands, been great for isolation work, shoulder presses, drop sets.

Been mixing up with HIIT workouts, kettlebell leg sessions, bodyweight work and running. It’s been great.

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It’s been the same for cardio equipment. Prices rocketed and availability plummeted. I had to pay about a 50% premium for my bike when I bought it in July last year and I could only find 3 in stock in the UK.


Just out of interest @davidg929, what does the affiliate site you linked have to do with anything you’re saying?

It’s a great topic to raise but that link makes your post feel extremely spammy.

I thought to will tell me what to choose instead of the treadmill. I was not going to promote anything. It’s just a place where I bought my treadmill, thank you.

Fair point. I’m sure it was innocent, David! Don’t worry. I will just remove the link from the post and we can carry on. It’s not an affiliate link (which I remove from any posts that include them), but it links through to affiliate links!

I’ll remove it and we can carry on with this conversation!

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OK, thank you!

Ah ok, maybe you posted the wrong link? There aren’t any treadmills on that page :slight_smile:

For me I just keep it simple, running, hiking and kettlebells. I’ll tend to use larger machines at the gym but I don’t have the space for anything beyond free weights at home. Plus kettlebells and Huel cover most everything I want to achieve.

My gym shut up shop a year ago and I’ve not heard a word from them since. I was paying £59 a month so not having that expense actually pays for my Huel, and I’m delighted about that.

Do you have good tipps for cardio training at home? So far I only have a trampoline, but I am not really sure whether this is as effective as “real training” like running or cycling. I am looking for something that is as effective - or even more effective - than running.

Thanks in advance for your advice!

Skipping, or jump rope depending on where you are from. 10 minutes is equivalent to 30 minutes of mid pace running. Great for improving your aerobic fitness and you can do it anywhere. And I say that as someone who hates cardio generally. I find running really boring, indoors on a treadmill or outdoors.

Looking forward to gyms reopening so I get access to a proper weights room again. I’m on the waiting list to buy a Concept II Model D rowing machine. I signed up at the end of January and the wait time is currently 13 weeks from sign up. That’s the only cardio I’ve found that I like previously and my aerobic fitness has really declined during lockdown. My resting heart rate has gone up from 62bpm to 72bpm. Need to fix that!

How effective is a trampoline workout in comparison? It also involves jumping, theoretically…

Trampoline is good for maintaining bone density. It’s not as good as skipping at raising your heart rate as the resistance from the trampoline reduces the effort of jumping. Skipping also works your upper body more than trampolining as you have to maintain arm position and move the rope.
I assume by trampoline you are referring to one of the mini rebounder types and not a full size outdoor one?

I bought a speed rope during lockdown, its taken a lot of practice. Still can’t do any tricks though just standard jumping.