How do I delay my next subscription order by a week or two

Sorry if I am being a little dense I can’t seem to find that option!

Log in:
Go to Manage subscriptions; then orders; then manage; then skip.

Doesn’t that just remove that whole order then?

Or does skip then bring up another menu option to delay?

Thanks for the help.

No it lets you skip just one order.

And even if you did muck it up, there’s nothing to stop you just starting up your sub a few days later or whatever…it is a pretty relaxed and intuitive ordering process.

Ahh yes, so I’m after just pushing the delivery back for them all a week or so.

Guess that’s not possible?

So cancel and start again.

Hmm, no you are able to just skip an order…I have done it myself no problem…not quite sure what is making it difficult.

skip an order and then a few days before you want the next one choose ship now. this will then ship you an order and recalculate the following orders from the new ship now date.


Thanks coup. Exactly what my feeble brain needed :slight_smile:

It is a shame you can’t post a photo here…I have an amusing skip related photo I took last week.

You can post photos here. You click the upward arrow button that is to the left of the bullet list button.

Here are some skip photos:

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So you can…but yeah…here’s my photo then…from last week