How do I order a Starter Pack?


I’m getting excited about the idea of Huel.

Several times a Starter Pack is mentioned, but I can’t find how to order one.

What do I do?

There is no actual starter pack of Huel.
A first order of 2+ bags of huel comes with a free shirt, scoop and shaker.
Each bag has a total of 7000 kcal, so offers enough to experiment with taste.
For that reason, I’d recommend a bag of Original and Unflavored & Unsweetened.
There is a lot to read regarding taste and ideas on this forum aswell.

Haha so there is no starter pack, apart from the starter pack! You can add this at checkout and select your t-shirt size. Here’s a a screenshot:


Sorry, had to be more clear :joy:
No starter pack similar to what others offer.