How do you flavour your Huel?


@aj_160563’s kitchen for the next week! :point_down:


Let us know how they all go! Interested to hear the results on the tomato and basil idea :smiley:


Just ordered my first lot of Huel. Got to admit wasn’t fussed on it on the first go, 1.5 scoops of UU with a sample chocolate packed and 300ml of water. But i also ordered berry so i blended that up with some blueberries and it’s not that bad, i struggle to get to the end of it though as it warms up and starts to taste bad again.

So i have the UU to use up. I might start doing 2 scoops berry and 1 scoop UU blended with whatever i have lying around to add some taste. Or just continue sampling the flavour sets. Not sure if the flavour sets are really needed though as it just seems like another unnecessary expense.

I did add 1 scoop of UU into a beef stew the other night just for s***s and giggles, didnt change the taste and i question if it was beneficial from a nutrition perspective haha


My fav recipe is using coffee Huel:

Coffee choc chip.

2/3 Oat milk / 1/3 water
Plenty of ice
2 scoops coffee Huel
1 tsp coffee granules
1/2 tsp cocoa


Add in 1 tsp raw cacao nibs.

Shake and serve over ice!



Flavours I have tried
Vanilla Huel, almond milk, mixed berries, ice and blend
Same as above with a capful of almond essence, yummy treat! Bakewell flavoured!

Original, cocoa, wheatgrass and pb fit powdered peanut butter, water

Above replacing pb fit for coffee

Original, dates, cashew milk


U/U Huel 2x scoops
2 teaspons mild curry powder
2 Chicken Stock cubes (added some chicken gravy granules as well as wasnt strong enough for me)
2 tablespoons of soy sauce
2 tablespoons of honey
Half teaspoon chilli powder (if you want a kick)
Large handful of sesame seeds

Mixed the huel with cold/room temp water, mixed everything else together with warm/hot water and mixed it all in the shaker. Gave it a good whisk and chucked the sesame seeds in at the very end and a pinch of salt.

Tasted so good. I’m sure there are different variations you could make too with different types of stock cubes and different spices/types of curry seasoning. Next stop; try to make bacon flavour somehow.


@TimOfficialHuel Haha will do, I’m on it this week! Just posted one I tried but having a look its similar to what someone else did. Oh well haha :stuck_out_tongue:


I need help. I’m starting out. I just tried the following concoction and I cannot mask the oaty taste and grittiness of the U/U.

300ml water
200ml vanilla almondmilk
3-4 cubes ice
large handful of fresh strawberries
3 scoops U/U huel

I event added a little vanilla extract when I tasted the results and it was no help.



@topher did you only buy U/U or did you pick up some vanilla too? Some people get good results from mixing. I’m a vanilla man myself but there are people on this forum who make it work with the unflavoured version, so hopefully they can comment

@MrKobayashi I wonder if you ever got it right?


Have you seen there is a topic about flavouring U/U Huel? Maybe you can find some useful info there :slight_smile:

I use U/U. The very first Huel-shake I made was with strawberries. It was bad but a bit of a getting-used to-experience. I think I was expecting the strawberry smoothie like I´m used to. I use a hand blender to make the shake more smoothly blended. Cocoa powder (used for baking chocolate cake) is also very good and might be good to hide the oaty taste. Some also like instant coffee, that could also cover the taste. Rice milk or ordinary milk makes it a bit more milkshake-ish.

These days my favorite Huel shake is:
1 scoop cold rice milk
3½ scoop cold water
5 grams/1 tea spoon cocoa powder
20 drops of Capella flavour (Chocolate Fudge Brownie) - leave out this and add more cocoa powder
2 gram og stevia

Everthing is added and blended with a hand blender. :yum:


Once you’ve made it up, leaving it to “soak” for an hour or two (or overnight) improves the texture and flavour. But you can add vanilla or other essences. Sometimes I add raw cacao powder and a couple of drops of peppermint essential oil. Half or more of a banana blended in is good, but of course adds carbs and calories.


Thank you for the help! Today I tried this concoction and while it was tolerable, I still wish it were better because I’m fighting with myself to stay on track.

  • 500ml Water
  • Large handful of frozen cherries
  • 3 scoops Huel
  • 4 small ice cubes
  • 2 teaspoons cocoa powder
  • dash of cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Like I said, it was tolerable but not great.


@RyanT I don’t have vanilla. I bought 2 bags of U/U because I was reading many people didn’t like the vanilla. I’m still trying different things. I did cherries today and blueberries last week and they were tolerable, but not really great.


For the past three weeks, I’ve been using Huel for both breakfast and lunch - I have the berry flavour and I mix it with one banana and 100g of Morrisons “wonky” frozen berries. I tend to mix it at night and leave it in the fridge overnight - by morning it’s delicious.

I’ve tried the berry mix plain (pretty naff if I’m honest), with the banana flavour add-on (palatable but obviously thinner and more sickly than a real banana) and the chocolate add-on (only had berry Huel at the time so it was an odd but acceptable mix when I’m away from home with no access to a blender).

My recent delivery was a mix of vanilla and berry so I’ll try some different flavours - quite fancy the vanilla Huel + coffee.


Maybe you’re not putting enough water in it? I have two scoops to 700ml of water, which makes it a drink. And I do tend to make it ahead of time and let it soak for at least a couple of hours. I find a little flavour goes a long way.


I must remember Morissons wonky frozen berries for next time :slightly_smiling_face:

I mix Vanilla and Unflavoured/Unsweetened 50/50. Berry I have on its own.


Pretty good value, £3 for 1kg and I use 100g per shaker so I get 5 days out of each bag. Just makes it a bit more palatable to me, really didn’t like the berry Huel raw, maybe I mixed it with too much water but it was pretty rough :joy:


Maybe there isn’t enough water! I’ve only been using 500ml.


3 scoops new vanilla, an Americano from the been to cup machine, teaspoon of Mint Choc Flavour Boost then blend .


That sounds nice!


Yeah, it’s really nice. Kinda like a Mint Choc Latte.