How do you flavour your Huel?


Try adding frozen cranberries, ground netmeg, ground gigner and ground cinnamon with a splash of brandy.


Don’t need a blender for marmite - just melt it into a tiny bit of hot water before adding it into the shaker on top of the water and Huel


I love marmite…but not sure about in Huel.


Same here :nauseated_face:


I don’t flavour my Huel - long live Original Vanilla!

I’ll get my coat…


Can’t say fairer than that…although I find it a bit too sweet and have 50/50 with unflavoured.

Unless I flavour it…lol.


It’s quite nice in the unflavoured one. I definitely wouldn’t add it to vanilla !!! That would be gross.

Tahini and marmite on toast is aWesome.
I have a feeling tahini and marmite u/u would be pretty damn nice too


@Wendy_Shepherd posted this idea a while ago:

30g original or vanilla Huel
30g tahini
10-15g liquid sweetener such as maple or date syrup

Just mix it all together and enjoy the unique pleasure that is huelava.

Optional extras

5-10g cocoa powder
Your favourite Huel flavouring
Finely chopped nuts
Peanut powder
Whatever your heart desires.

Sounds good, but not yet tried it.


Help! If I am mixing 1 scoop of Huel, how much cocoa powder or pbfit would you add

I did two tbsp of Pbfit but that is an extra 140 calories + banana. hmmmm


How many calories do you want your entire meal to be? Once you know that your answer will be more obvious. 1 scoop of Huel is around 150 calories.


It doesn’t bother me how many calories my entire meal is, i tend to only have around 800 to 900 a day anyway (post gastric sleeve it is hard to get to 1200!)

Well actually to contradict myself, I am trying to get to 1200 calories which is one of the reasons I have bought Huel, I just don’t want those calories to be mainly cocoa powder lol

However, 1 scoop was definitely enough for me in one meal today. Couldn’t fit anymore in


How often do you find you can comfortably eat/drink something?


so why is wrong with 2 tbs of pbfit being 140cal?


I’d probably do 1/2 tsp cocoa powder, or 1 tsp pbfit per scoop of huel myself.


I can eat within half an hour generally but I have to leave a gap of 30 minutes either side of eating to drink water (so really an hour between eating).

Eat at 9am, I could eat again at 10am but might not feel like it.

@hunzas Well, I’d like to make sure that everything I am eating has a purpose and that I am not shooting myself in the food by filling up on peanut butter rather than the good stuff. 140 calories of PBFIT with 150 calories of Huel is an entirely different game to having 140 calories of PBFit with 300+ calories of Huel.


Ah, I see…


Being new to Huel I haven’t had the pleasure of this flavour from last year :frowning_face:, however, I have already started thinking about festive flavours.

Has anyone experimented with blending in Sweet Mincemeat for a similar effect? If so, which brands worked?

Cinnamon and Nutmeg are very much winners with different fruits. I’ve tried dates, also good.

Chocolate and Cherry/Plum perhaps?

I would imagine other ground nuts may work (other than Peanut - Butter (Curry) as suggested in the Huel booklet), provided they are ground enough to not add a grainy texture.

I shall post any positive attempts from myself.

‘Hueltide’ Flavours time!


The previous year there was Christmas Pudding flavour Huel. That was delish.


Just having berry Huel with banana fs for lunch. Tastes like Pear Drops. Not bad actually.


Oh no, it’s just given you diabetes.