How do you flavour your Huel?




Apparently people with diabetes smell of pear drops.


Only if they have diabetic ketoacidosis


Is that a song from Mary Poppins?


Wish id tried that with my berry Huel !
Never did find a way to make it drinkable. I love peardrops tho.
Finally managed to pass the bag of berry off on someone tho!


Mince pie flavoured Huel just sounds so wrong! :joy:



I quite fancy mince pie flavour. Proper mince pies can play havoc with my digestion so it would be nice to have a substitute for Christmas. I don’t tend to bother with all the festive stuff but I did like mince pies.


Can confirm from my experiences in the big bad world of medicine!

For those interested… Inability to regulate blood sugar with insulin creates a raised blood sugar (and various symptoms - last person I attended to was collapsed and very poorly with a rogered pH) and because the body cannot break down the sugar for energy sources, it begins to breakdown lipids (fat) for energy.

It’s like a sweet acetone scent, I’ve sometimes smelt pear drops in DKA but it smells really artificial from my last experience. Ketones are bad when they’re on the breath, though. Especially when the kidneys get involved and are equally rogered.

Anyway… I used to hit up Original Vanilla with Chocolate FS. Very sweet. I’m intending on giving the cinnamon and nutmet a go (maybe apple too) to get a Christmas feel!


Thanks Kieran. I am retired from the big bad world of medicine. Used to be a registered nurse, for my sins, in another life :woman_health_worker:


Ohhhh good to hear!! I’m A Paramedic currently embarking on MSc studies… My other half is a Nurse and she works considerably harder than I do!!



Haha :laughing::laughing::laughing:


That might need more than a simple shake before you drink it! :joy:


2 scoops of vanilla Huel
200ml of almond milk
A splash of liquid Camp coffee (no caffeine in this)
100ml or so of water

Mix and leave in the fridge overnight, add a couple of ice cubes in the morning, works for me :grin:


I haven’t seen camp coffee in years. I use either Kenco millicano or Kenco decaff :grinning:


Neither had I, saw it in Tesco and thought why the hell not :grin:


This is hilarious, I have not seen it in years either…my gran used to buy it but I did buy some recently as well; not for Huel though…a mate of mine was talking about it. It’s really quite nice. He also mentioned Rooibos tea, which I used to hate, and I tried it again and, wow, it’s lovely.


I was mainly after the coffee flavour without the caffeine and had tried de caf coffee already, Camp is easier as it’s already mixed and I’m lazy :grin:


I must buy a bottle and turn back time. An aunt and uncle of mine always preferred Camp coffee above all other brands.


I hated my first taste of huel and water. Now I just use semi skimmed milk and various fruit I have around. I find banana or pineapple good and mixing with grapes blended all up works well for me.