How do you flavour your Huel?


New to Huel this week. I tried vanilla which was fine then thought I would try the peanut curry recipe people seem to love. It was awful! The texture of vanilla was fine but the warm peanut UU ended up like sludge. Really struggled to finish it. Back to vanilla today with a bit of cocoa and ice, much better.


Really? I love it! You’ve got to make sure it’s blended properly for sure. Adding more water would help too.


I did use a hand blender so I don’t think that was the issue. Perhaps I could have watered it down but then it would have been more than a shaker’s worth. Maybe this one just isn’t for me. What kind of peanut butter do you use? Ours was unsweetened raw stuff and maybe I put too much of that in? It’s not an experiment I’ll be repeating any time soon :slight_smile:


We were just using Whole Earth peanut butter.

Well I’m sure there are more options out there for you!


Oh same one! Ah well. Frozen berries today with a mix of uu and vanilla was good.


I use ALDI smoothie packs and add them in to blend. Sorry if this has been mentioned before.

It makes a great taste and really is like a smoothie, I know that sounds obvious, but it’s great. Best so far, and I’ve tried loads of combinations.


Mostly with banana and cinnamon.


I’ve seen the smoothie packs, but not actually tried them…could be worth a punt then.


What are these smoothie packs you speak of? I am a frequent Aldi shopper and have not come across them!



They are in the frozen section. They do strawberry, banana, and mango, guava, pineapple, and blackcurrant, raspberry, banana.

£1.99 a go, they make about 5 x 3 scoop meals with one pack. Depending on how much you add of course.


Thank you! I feel a shopping trip coming…


I’m a bit lazy and a bit naughty, so I like to use food flavourings designed for baking. Lemon flavouring gives a taste like lemon cake and is really lovely. I also sometimes mix orange flavouring with some cocoa to give a chocolate orange style huel. Salted caramel is everywhere these days and works well in huel. My go to flavour boost is coffee, including flavoured coffees. I like the idea of adding Nakd bars and might try that. I’ve experimented with a couple of hot savoury huels but found them revolting. The one thing stopping me from being 100% Huel fuelled is the fact that I sometimes crave savoury crunchy food. Are Huel rice cakes a possibility??


Great ideas! Are these flavourings ones that have sugar in?


Ooooh… I don’t know. As I say I’m a bit naughty like that. The way I look at it though is this - if a half teaspoon or so of food flavouring goes into my huel and stops me from eating a cake or three it’s a win all round in terms of sugar, fat, calories and health so I don’t worry about it tbh. I’ve gone from a size 14/16 to a 12/14 in less than 6 months and with only a bit extra exercise that I only felt like doing because 2 huels per day made me feel like a new woman who’s desire to start doing a bit of running came as a complete surprise!


That’s amazing! Well done, really good effort!

I was just wondering, because I keep looking out for new or fun ways to flavour Huel, to keep things interesting. At the moment cocoa powder is a mainstay, but looking for other things which don’t have as many calories in.

Ps. I know what you mean, I feel more energetic on Huel as well :slight_smile:


Loving this thread, so many good suggestions. I think Huel with coffee and a little bit of powdered cinnamon may have to be tomorrow’s breakfast!

This morning I tried:
50g U/U
50g vanilla Huel
250ml water
250ml VitaCoco milk alternative

I tend to find strong flavours (aside from coffee) unappealing early in the day so wanted something not too sweet or intensely flavoured but still with a little something extra, and this has worked out nicely; mellow and creamy with a hint of coconut. Might be a bit bland for some though. I’ll probably do a 60/40 UU/Vanilla mix next time for a little less sweetness as it still got a bit sickly for me towards the end.


So here’s one I haven’t seen mentioned before: anybody tried using a shrub to flavour their Huel? :slight_smile: It’s a kindof vinegar syrup made with fruit/berries to preserve the freshness of their flavour. Usually used in cocktails.

I’m trying 50ml of a recently-made strawberry shrub in 700ml+3×U/U now, and it works pretty well I think.

Of course the downside is that a shrub contains sugar, and it’s almost certainly nicer with alcohol (also perhaps rather too much effort to go to simply for flavouring Huel), but still…


Wonder if anyone has tried jagermeister…it is full of herbs…gotta be good.


Could you give a link? Searching (US) amazon I find only the LorAnn oils (which I know) and something called the Wilton flavor system.


I just use the ones in the supermarket. Nothing fancy. Vanilla, orange, lemon… whatever they have. Except almond. Although I have wondered about a tiny drop of almond essence with cherries to hopefully give a Bakewell tart flavour.