How does huel RTD compare to powdered?

Hi guys,

I bought a bottle of chocolate RTD to try out Huel before committing to £50 worth, tried it today and I don’t think I could drink this every day ):

The first issue was the texture, I expected it to be thinner but it’s so thick it takes genuine effort to get down. With the powder I’d be starting at 1 scoop in the shaker for breakfast, maybe going up to 1.5 or 2 if it’s not enough after a few days. Would it be thinner? I’d don’t have a blender but “thin with chunks” is acceptable to me.

Also the aftertaste. I can always 100% tell if something is artificially sweetened from this (I’ve been told it’s genetic?) and this is intolerable, though I read somewhere that huel uses stevia so not sure what I’m actually tasting here. It’s been 20 mins since I finished the bottle and I can still taste it. I wanted to try the chocolate powder but I think it uses the same sweetener, but maybe the effect isn’t as strong? I also wanted to buy a U&U bag to try throwing random ingredients into it, I’m totally comfortable adding my own actual sugar as I’m doing this for convenience primarily.

Thanks so much for your help.

The RTDs are completely different to the powder in terms of sweetness, flavour and texture.

The great thing about the powder is you can make it how you like.

Huel RTD does contain sucralose, and so do the flavoured v3 powders - so if you dislike sucralose (as do I) then go for UU and add your own sweetener and flavours eg fruit.

Huel Black has Stevia only so this is an option if the higher protein suits you.

Personally I like UU on its own or with cacao powder or the flavour boosts (which have stevia not sucralose), and I also like Huel Black.
I don’t like the flavoured (v3) powders very much because of the sweetener.

Give the powders a try. They are very different to the rtd


I much prefer powder over RTD. I really disliked RTD - it was too thick, weird taste etc…it tastes nothing like the powder and yes the powder is thinner, also you have the benefit of adding more water to thin it down whenever you want.


I love Huel RTD vanilla and berryover the powder vanilla and berry. However I prefer the chocloate powder to the chocolate RTD.