How long from mixing to drinking

How long can Huel be left from mixing to drinking before it starts going bad?

If kept in a fridge I’d say best consumed within 24 hours. Can last longer but I think that’s enough time to marinade.

If in a hot car about 2 hours.


Thank @hunzas

I don’t know if it is actually “bad” but I can taste a subtle difference after 24 hours that makes it less pleasant. I’d be interested to know if people have kept it for 2 or 3 days and drank it and what it tasted like. I bet it didn’t give any health problems. Plant based food is actually quite ok well past its sell by date. I’ve eaten a Huel bar over a year past its sell by date.

Yeah I noticed an almost tang to the mint choc one after pretty much 24 hours. Does make me wonder if the banana flavour will ripen with age…


LOL - might be good if it did.

Definitely don’t leave more than 24 hours I’d say – any flavour subsides and changes over time especially when added to liquid. From personal experience I’ve found that overnight is about as long as it goes before it becomes unpleasant. The only thing I’ve used in a mix that seems to hold its flavour stable longer is PB2.

Even adding coffee which is great when drank quickly becomes very bland and ‘grey’ after a while. Definitely if you add any fresh things such as fruit or even frozen fruit – this doesn’t last at all even in the refrigerator and sours quickly.