How many carbs are in Huel?

How many carbs are in Huel?

Hi Tilly,

We are still finalising the full nutritional profile, so tweaking is still happening. But at the moment the split is:

40% carbs
35% fat
25% protein

But that is likely to be changed a bit.

Thanks Julian, I take it that works out as 40g of carbs for 100ml of Huel? Sorry, maths not my strong point.

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@Tilly yes it will be about 40%. The split between carbs, fats and protein was a tricky one. There is so much negative press about fat and carbs that we felt people would be put off if the numbers were highish. However, from a nutritionists point of view it’s important to have a rounded balanced diet. Fat in particular has been demonised for too long, a couple of years ago I did a 12 weeks fit programme and lost a lot of body fat, I got down to 10% body fat from about 21%. I was on strict diet but 40% of which was fat.

So I know that fat doesn’t make people fat. Carbs is the latest thing to become demonised, but again that is misleading. There are different types of carbs, fast carbs like sugar are not great, sugar is addicted and causes insulin resistance, whereas slow release carbs like oats are an excellent source of engergy.


Thanks, that makes fascinating reading. We’ve had 30 years of low fat diets, and I think you are right, fat doesn’t make you fat (well ‘good’ fats don’t anyway). I think you are also right about the way we might have swung too much the other way though, and have demonised carbs. Like you say, Porridge and low GI foods like that are really beneficial and good for the body. They’re really filling and relaease their energy slowly, I know when I have poddidge for breakfast, I don’t feel hungry till lunch. If I have a sugary cereal for breakfast, then I’m all sluggish by lunch and desperate for something to eat. It’s good to see Huel having plenty of oats in it.

Yes sugar can result in very frequent eating. I try to avoid it as much as possible. It’s not filling and 20 mins after eating sugar I’m “hungry” again. I don’t have sugar in my coffee and I can say that once you get use to it you can taste coffee more.

Very true, sugar masks the taste of everything. I’m sure I read somewhere that sugar (refined) when eaten mire than just a little is as bad as smoking a cigarette

Interesting. Do you remember where you read that?

I’ll have a look for you.

Not sure if I think it is quite as bad as smoking, but it makes interesting reading

I don’t know whether it is as dangerous, but it is certainly addictive. You can get a real sugar craving, which seems to get worse the more you eat it.

Yes sugar craving are nearly as additive as pringles, once you pop I certainly can’t stop.

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Interesting stuff thanks @Julian

@coen yes I liek that, something in pringles that onced popped I just keep eating until they are all gone.