How many poos per day?

Really enjoying huel for breakfast and lunch 5 days a week for breakfast and lunch. Been on it 3 months now.

No gas or discomfort here BUT my movements have gone from 1 a day to 3 minimum.
‘nice, happy’ poo

Is this due to a higher fibre intake?
Will it always be like this?

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Is that why they call you jonny 4 scoops? Because of the poops?

Once a day for me…but I’ve been vegan many years before embarking on 2 Huel’s a day…which I’ve been doing for maybe nearly 2 years…I’ve sort of lost count of time.

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Ha no! That’s not why :blush:

Thanks that’s interesting

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I am also noticing this! I’ve been Huel-ing for two meals a day as well for about a month but I’ve had some breaks when going away for a few days, and the difference is very… apparent! I used to be ~1 a day, sometimes 1 every two days, even when eating a high-fibre vegetarian diet.

Now it’s at least 3 per day. One day it was 6. They’re all also ‘nice, happy poo’ and I feel great!

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Blimey, my poos aren’t very healthy…I have to give them the kiss of life before I send them on their travels…they appreciate it tho…

I’m 95% Huel, I used to go once a day, now I’m twice a day sometimes 3 when my bowels arent flaring ( pre existing condition) , but I have to say without tmi, Huel gives me poo to be proud of hahaha :joy::joy:

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