How Many Pressups Can You Do in a One Go?

I’m curious to know how many pressups people can do in a row?

I think the most I’ve ever done was 33 a couple of years ago, but these days my maximum seems to be 30.

But that’s just in one go. I can do more if I take short breaks, like over 100 if I do 10-20 at a time.

I bet @JamesCollier can do 500 or something :laughing:

43 but I don’t go to gym. I just do some floor work at home now and again maybe 2 or 3 times a week.

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Max was 80-90 in a set a few years ago. No more than 40 or so today. It’s been a while and I’m just getting back into it. Max in a day was 550. Couldn’t move my arms for a while, but it was fun.

Bodyweight squats on the other hand…

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550 in one day! :scream:

Wasn’t in high rep sets at the end. 5 after 5 after 5, by the end of the day. On the upside it basically doubled my performance after a week of soreness. I went from 25 to 50 max after that day and a week of rest.

I should totally do that again. Not exactly a tough exercise after some consistency and progression madness, but my discipline is fluttering at best :wink:

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So is the trick to do lots of mini sets in one day to build up the stamina, and then as a result be able to do more in one set?

The trick to anything fitness related is consistency and progression. Whatever you do every day, you’ll get better at. If it becomes easy, make it harder. Don’t stop ever, and yay results.

The high rep day was just a competition I had with a friend, cause he did 400 and I’d be damned if I was gonna let that stand :wink:


I’d like to see how people are doing their press ups. I know of people that say doing 30 push ups is easy. They then show me and all I see is pretty much someone bobbing their head up and down with minimum arm movement. It’s really cringe-worthy.

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6 weeks ago, 40-50; if competing against someone, then maybe a few more (nothing like the 500!).

Now, due to illness, I couldn’t even lie on the floor, let alone do one. Maybe a good challenge for when I can train again. Bump this thread in March and see if I’m able to do 50! I need goals!

I don’t even know. Maybe 40-45. My arms are a bit wobbly today, but I will try over the weekend!

All of the first 3 techniques in this video are legitimate push ups -


Like, continously, or pausing allowed as long as you maintain press up position between reps?

I haven’t tried in ages. I know I’ve done 50 before as punishment from a parkour coach for not making a jump. I’d try today but I’m planning on doing bench press in a few hours… maybe Sunday instead.

I think in this situation my press-up muscles would be less exercised than my slapping-upside-the-head muscles. :grin:

Get well soon! (I’m sure you’re playing down the numbers to make us feel better :wink:)

This morning I did my pressups much slower and could only manage 15 in row, but I felt like each pressup gave much more of a workout. I then did 15 slow lifts of the coffee table (I don’t own weights so I improvise), then 10 more slow pressups, 10 more slow coffee table lifts, then 7 more slow pressups and finally 7 coffee table lifts.

So, next time I will try to squeeze out an extra one each time, make it 16, 11, 8. That’s what it’s all about, trying to push a little bit further each time.

I’m certainly not a pro bodybuilder or anything. Just spending a few minutes in the morning doing a few exercises while watching breakfast news. On a side note, Sky’s Sarah-Jane or Good Morning Britain’s Susanna Reid? Who do you prefer to have your breakfast with? Don’t say Bill Turnbull.

Susanna. Doesn’t involve giving money to Murdoch.

The key to pushups is scapular retraction, even people who dont think they can do 1 pushup usually can do 10 when you get their form correct.