How much Vitamin K is in Huel 2.1

I’ve searched but cannot find. I am on a small phone as well which does not help. My question is this, Huel 2.0 has 100% RDA of Vitamin K from K1 source. The article snippet ive included below says that Huel v2.1 has no less K1, has K2 added extra yet the nutritional breakdown still has Vitamin K as 100% RDA on the label, surely this should be somewhat more? Any clarification good; a warfarin user.

’ We chose not to reduce the amount of K1 in Huel, but to add K2 as extra. This means that the Nutrient Reference Value (NRV) is met by K1 alone with additional K2 for the health benefits stated above.’

Hi @Hue1

The total vitamin K on the label is now 133% of the NRV (at 2,000 calories) on v2.1:
The nutritional requirements of 100% are met by K1 alone and the addtional amount is from K2

Doh. My apologies, I totally misread that label thinking the 100 was the nrv.

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