How much water used to produce Huel?

After watching the Cowspiracy documentary which stated that to produce one burger takes a massive amount of water, how much water does Huel use in production?

I’m sure it’s less than it takes to raise a cow, but how much?

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I obviously don’t know the exact answer, but I do know that vegan diets use a far smaller amount of water than animal based sources of food. You don’t have to feed and water the animals being consumed first.

This is an interesting article by the National Geographic - they are not a vegan or veggie institution, so their opinions are less likely to be biased.

Huel is a pure vegetarian product, so will have less of an impact on water/land use than animal nased options.

Thanks. Yes I thought so too, but was just wondering if there was a number.

I not too bothered as I’m sure its better overall.