Huel and cherry concentrate

Hi all, wondering if there are any other insomniacs here. Been advised to try cherry concentrate, likely to mix in with my huel in the morning. Anyone have experience with using it and were there any problems using it with huel. Thanks in advance for any replies. :slight_smile:

Hi @stani72,

I mix 1 serving of Cherry Active into water + Huel + 1/3 cup of cacao powder in a blender for a delicious Cherry Chocolate meal 3 times per week for joint support. I would like to be able to have it everyday, but Cherry Active concentrate is so expensive!

I have recommended Cherry Active to an insomniac friend, but she wasn’t impressed with the potential expenditure. From what I have read by searching online, it seems you have to take the concentrate daily to reap all of its benefits, and I’ve heard that it is better to take the concentrate rather than in capsule form.

For me though, it is a nice flavour mix with the Huel and the cacao powder smooths off the tartness. I tried it without the cacao powder and it didn’t taste good. When I have the cherry concentrate with just water, I have to brace myself for the tartness and drink it as quickly as possible.