Huel and Chronic Post Viral Fatigue

So back in 2012 I was hit by glandular fever whilst revising for my A levels, it stopped me taking my exams and set me back a year.

I’ve been suffering from post viral fatigue syndrome ever since. I want to know what component nutrition plays in optimising digestion and nutrition. How suitable is Huel for IBS sufferers? 85% of people with chronic fatigue have IBS complaints.

Secondly in optimising digestion, one optimises their nutrition. To what extent have others found their digestion improving since taking Huel? And what else have people noticed since going on Huel?

If you put IBS in the search field (top right) you will find quite a few references to IBS…some good. some not so…although I haven’t read them all, it seems it on the whole gets favourable responses…although not entirely.

There were some queries about xylitol and IBS, but seems it is a minute amount so shouldn’t cause issues, and also Huel is low FODMAP which should be beneficial. As I don’t have IBS I can’t comment personally…I’m sure others can.