Huel and Gym questions

Hello all,

So i have signed up for some ready made shakes. Primarily using Huel to save a bit of money and faff with lunch time meals and to hopefully lose a bit of weight with avoiding the snacking and generally eating ‘better’ at lunch. My question is regarding the gym in the evening. Will i have enough energy at 7pm in the evening to do some exercise at the gym after some Huel at around 1.30pm? Any tips?

Also whats the general longevity with sticking to Huel? I see the odd post about being one year in etc. Have many of you been in for the long run? Im planning on just using it for lunch with porridge/granola for breakfast and a fairly healthy dinner. Will probably go onto the standard shakes (instead of the ready made ones next month to save ££)


Actually i think my Huel ‘experience’ will be coming to an end before its got started. DPD have managed to mess up the delivery 3 TIMES!! The first was Friday when the package got refused by the collection point. Saturday they cancelled the delivery due to 'operational issues" and today they cocked the delivery up again by ignoring the very clear instuctions on where to leave the item as im at work. The very clear instructions were confirmed as totally fine by the DPD call center on Saturday but the courier today decided to ignore all that and demand a signature. Honestly - i have never had such faff for a delivery in all my days. Absolutely TERRIBLE

Sorry about your delivery issues. As for the Huel though, I can safely say if I only have one shake at lunchtime I get pretty hungry by the time that 7pm gym session rolls around. I usually have another around 4pm

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I’m a gym noob but as far as energy/performance goes Huel has been just as good or even slightly better for me compared to solid food. Even more so during cardio, I do way better if doing Huel rather than solid food prior

Well today is going to be 4th time lucky with DPD and providing the driver can follow my delivery instructions - i will still go ahead with Huel. Thanks for the recommendations so far. Im thinking of having a carton of the ready mixed stuff for lunch and another one around 5pm (on gym day) ready for a workout at around 7.30pm. Then a very light dinner of Chicken breast and egg (or something similar). My breakfast is just porridge. I think this would allow a calorie saving too