Huel and menstrual cycle


So I have endometriosis and usually struggle with severe pms or pmdd.
I do have crazy cravings during the weeks coming up to my period, usually for carbs and chocolate. And during my period I’m in so much pain that I feel week and nauseous without any apetite, I actually just eat so I can take pain killers.
Overall I find Huel the best option during my period. Easy, quick and healthy. But during my pms I struggle with my diet. I still enjoy the HS, tho.
My question is if Huel helps any of you ladies during pms, and if you have any tricks to help with the cravings. Maybe using the higher carb Huel during PMS? I usually get the black edition.
And I d love to know if you’ve seen any changes in your cycle since you started Huel.

Hi @Iva

Good to hear you find Huel useful.

Cravings are funny ‘things’. We have a short article here with some tips. We have some videos here and here.

It would depend on the nature of your cravings as to whether higher protein or higher carb would help more. I used to advise my clients to try to adopt a degree of control over them: you can show the cravings that you’re the boss and that you don’t need to succumb to them. This can take time and a great idea is to use delay tactics, as well as the tips in the article. For example, if you have a craving, look at the clock and wait at least 30 mins before having anything.