Huel and Nissen Fundoplication

I’ve read the “sticky” post regarding previously asked questions (in particular “Can I consume Huel if I’ve had Oesophageal or Stomach Surgery?”). Well I’m due a nissen fundoplication in October and will be on a liquid diet for a while afterwards so have been looking for suitable meals and Huel is looking a very likely candidate. I’m just wondering if any members have had this operation and are using Huel? If I’m to be on a liquid diet for a while it looks like I should build up to it before the operation rather than jump straight in. Any advice will be greatly appreciated

I can’t offer any advice regarding the operation but I do recommend you start getting used to Huel a month before the operation. My first Huel was pretty bad. I consumed too much in one go, got the consistency wrong and allowed it to get to room temperature which all added up to an unpleasant experience. I’ve corrected all my mistakes now and quite enjoy Huel and have got into a good routine with it. I would start by having one a day for a few days and then onto 2 and go from there.

I wouldn’t want to live off it 100%, but given your circumstances it’s the best thing I can think of to have.

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