Huel and SIBO


I’ve been diagnosed with SIBO and so am being asked by my doctor to change my diet. Just wondering if I can continue to take huel? I’ve seen other threads that say it’s low FODMAP which is good but the document I’ve been given on what I can eat and what I should avoid ( mentions I should avoid all grains, cereals, legumes and flax seed which seem to be the core ingredients of huel?

Does this mean then that huel should not be taken for SIBO sufferers? Thanks

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Hi @yoJimbo

Huel powders are low FODMAP so may be ok. Grains are excluded on SIBO on an individual basis. When starting Huel, initially have one scoop per day for 2-3 days, then increase to a 2-scoop serving per day, then increase from there, as tolerated.

If there’s a treatment plan for your SIBO (i.e. one that involves gut rest for 2-3 weeks) then you could incorporate Huel and other foods more freely (though with some caution on FODMAPs).

Hi @JamesCollier

Thank you for your reply. Speaking to the specialist it does sound like given I’ve been asked to do the phase 1 ‘restricted’ diet they recommend that I do not take it for now. I guess I will wait to see in phase 2 whether I will be allowed to incorporate it back into the diet.

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