Huel App

Just wondering if there is any plan to introduce a smartphone app for IOS and Android?

What functionality would you like to see from an app?

A forum user created an app (android and ios) that you can get over here.

I seem to remember there being an official app as well at one point with similar functionality available on beta, but I’m not sure what happened to it.

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They weren’t 'appy with it

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Perhaps a subscription management and purchasing application

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I would find the functionality of the website useful in an app. It isn’t the best website in terms of design, and I find the ordering/store quite faffy to use.

If you could manage your account and manage your orders and subscriptions from an app, I would much prefer that over using the website.

It could also include things like the forum, recipes, calculators etc.

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If it just replicated the functionality of the website, that has no value for me at all. I would rather they spent money improving the website I can already access in a mobile browser so that it’s less faffy on small touchscreens.

The forum already works perfectly on mobile, and I’m not sure why anyone would want to leave the browser in order to access it through an app.

I have become quite tired of brands constantly pushing their apps when they’re normally just wrappers for their web store. I’d rather brands made the website function perfectly on all devices.

All the apps I have installed are ones that use the camera, GPS, notifications or download large files, or need access to my email and calendar. Not sure Huel needs any of that.