Huel & bananas diet


I’m 52, a tad under 17 stone, 6’ 1"

So, I was thinking, would it be sustainable to live off Huel and bananas, (maybe a bit of other fruit/veg), but mainly bananas. Current diet is pants; usually a few bananas a day, occasionally a vegan sarnie for launch, and & a Lynda McCartney burger for dinner, and sometimes I snack on crisps/nuts

I run a bit, (treadmill), and do kettle bell or weights occasionally, I’m thinking of it provides all I need, I could fall into this quite well. Opinions?

Thanks in advance :grin:

Current diet is pants…

how many pairs a day do you eat :stuck_out_tongue:


Your diet seems to me to be very healthy. Bananas are a great superfood and a bunch of 4-5 is a great meal substitute. see also for plenty of fruitarian or raw vegan advice (warning, the views are, at times, trenchant).

However, bananas are quite high in calories so for those who struggle to lose weight then replacing with a lower calorie fruit - berries would be the best bet, having the highest nutritional content per calorie - would also work well.

Adding 100g of strawberries to a huel meal would add one third of the calories of a banana, and higher levels of nutrients. Wild blueberries have the highest nutritional density I amongst fruit I believe.