Huel bar - different flavours

Absolutely loving the Huel bars! Having one almost every day at work in the afternoon to keep me going with a healthy, filling snack so I don’t come home and raid the fridge. That being said, would you be able to have another flavour version? perhaps vanilla? i like the chocolate, good but not “too” good, but slowly getting tired of it because I don’t always want the taste. Also, is it possible to make a more savour / unsweetened verson? Maybe with a salty/nutty taste or so?


It would be good to have it in vanilla, banana, strawberry, and pineapple & coconut.

It’s certainly an option we could explore. Thank you for the suggestion!


You hadn’t managed to think of this idea on your own previously ?

SIS do a choc and peanut and is nice and chewy, I do like the Huel bar but there does need to be a few more flavours. Banana and Strawberry will be a good start.

New here. What brand does SIS stand for?

Science in sport. They’re more mid event nutrition and training really. Keep an eye on the sugar levels (great for half way through a marathon, but not so much your average day to day).

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Thank you for your response. Makes sense now.