Huel Bar v3.0 now available - improved texture


I really struggled through the one box of v.2 Coffee Bars that I bought.


Really? Flavour not strong enough? Too strong? How about the cocoa ones?


I haven’t tried the plain Cocoa bars. I just really didn’t like the taste of the Coffee ones.


Hmmm…perhaps if they start selling trial packs, one of each flavour, I might try some. Until then perhaps safer to stick with what I have.


I have coca 2.0 but the flavour is meh…

Anyone recommend the cocoa and orange? I think is the next one to try


Risky, don’t let anyone find out :smirk:


@ChrisH0402 :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Shhhhhh hahahah busted


Haha :grin:
I like cocoa & orange so perhaps I will stay with that.


I love the Cocoa/Orange bars.


I got used to the old ones but love the new ones better.


My order arrived today. I can confirm that they taste much better than the previous versions. The extra squidginess is much appreciated. Still too much sugar though :stuck_out_tongue:


v3 Cocoa is the bar that it’s preceding versions aspired too. Bang on Huel. For any whimsy on previous drier variants - give these a try, and leave the past in dust and crumbs.


Yeah sorry I forgot to post a review! I have had three in as many days, which is a lot considering I stopped eating the bars for 6 months-ish! The texture is so, so much better it can’t be compared. The flavour is still pretty much the same I guess, it’s been a long time since I had the plain cacao bars and I forgot how delicious they were! Long story short, the update does what it says on the tin. Well done Huel!


Are they still laxative (if eating several in a day)?


Yea, that might be good to know x)


I think he will get back to you when he returns from the toilet.


I have returned. Today I had one bar, one RTD and three normal Huel shakes. I will decline to comment at this time


I ate v2 but did not really enjoy the texture…but i bloody love v3! That is all!


Just received my first delivery - v3.0 looks like a winner.

v2.0 was a problem for me. 6 hours or so after eating a bar, cramping and unspeakable flatulence would set in. Every time. I persisted for weeks in the hope my gut would adapt, but never saw any improvement.

… and I don’t consider myself to have a sensitive stomach. No IBS or anything like that. No food sensitivities. I can eat pretty much anything without issues - except the v2.0 bars, which disagreed with me violently.

Early indications are that these issues are 100% resolved with v3.0. (Not to mention the improved texture. Though a slightly mixed blessing is that the bars are now moreish in a way they weren’t before!)

Tangential thought: Is it worth adding indoles (from cruciferous vegetables) to the nutritional mix? Recent research has been positive about the benefits.