Huel Bar v3.0 now available - improved texture



Con gra tu lations

Just tried the 3.0. The difference is huge. Its another bar. Completely different. Now we are talking… Great job

But with there is always something to improve. 250 kcal is not enough for some of us although its perfect for a snack but meh…

Also the bar doesnt fit well the wrapping it could be much tighter, seems like its oversized for the bar. This is product designing, the opening experience of the bar can be improved a lot. Also the appearence of the bar can too.

But you made a big improvement overall, great job


The wrapping is perfect for me. I only eat half a bar at a time and the remaining half is easily slipped back into the wrapper and clipped in for freshness.


That’s what I do aswell, it actually adds to the convenience of the bars.

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It’s meant to be a snack. You can always eat two if one isn’t enough. Nobody makes huge snack bars.


That would be a fast food restaurant.


What a good idea.

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I also liked the old v1 bars. It’s a plus if it takes a long time and much water. That slows down the eating.


Received my subs order for coffee flavoured bars today. Yum! :yum: I love them as much as the choc-orange. Now eager to try a box of choc flavour :grin:


Going to add a box to try to my next subs delivery. Which flavour would you recommend for a first-timer (=which one is the safe bet)?


The Cocoa & Orange bars seem most popular from reading on here. The new bars might change that though.

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Coffee perhaps a bit of an acquired taste (though I like it).

Cocoa is my favourite - the taste is fudgy chocolate with a little sweetness from the dates.

Cocoa & Orange also seems very popular.

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I’m looking forward to trying Cocoa. Might just bring my order forward :yum:


Thank you @Bee & @shortshrift5! I think I’ll try the cocoa & orange, it seems most popular in v2 as well as now. It was that or cocoa so those next if I like the c&o :+1:t3:


It would be very nice to see:

  1. A mint chocolate flavor
  2. The ability to buy 1 bar try (when ordering your other Huel products for example)

A bar sample package would indeed be nice. I imagine this looks like 3 squares in a really cool package for 3 different flavours. My imagination is running wild :yum:


Definitely a thumbs up for the cocoa v3.0 bar. :smiley:
I would like to try the others but not enough to buy 16 of each!


So glad you’re loving them! :chocolate_bar:


I’ve been drinking huel almost exclusively for over two years and I decided to try these bars as backup when I forget to prepare the “shots” for the day at work. I like them quite a lot, to the point of eating 2 or 3 the same day, but my stomach is very unhappy. constant diarrhea and nasty flatulence. is this… expectable? :innocent: suggestions?

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Hey @Alejandro are you eating v2 or v3 bars? I ask because v2 have inulin which can aggravate bowel issues in some people. I initially didn’t get on with them but my body seemed to adjust and im fine with one a day now. I haven’t tried v3 bars yet but they are supposedly less likely to cause issues. I’d still recommend you don’t eat too many in a day though (2/3 should be fine though??) - maybe try one a day and see how you get on


Thanks for your reply @ChristinaT, I got v3 bars (coffee and cacao). I will test with one a day as a snack and see how it goes.