Huel bars

Flavour = more-ish. Very nice
Ingredients = very good but is it possible to remove the glucose syrup and replace that with dates so its more good for you and better for those on a refined sugar restricted diet?
Use = ideal for after a long cycle ride and in a short work break with no time for proper food prep if you need something solid. Also good to be cut up as biscuits to be had with tea


Using dates instead of glucose syrup might require the rest of the recipe to change significantly since dates have a different consistency to syrup. Unless you meant changing glucose syrup to date syrup?

Great to hear that you are enjoying the bars! I love having mine at elevenses with a brew! Love the idea of cutting up as a healthy biscuit choice!

Probably one for @JamesCollier to comment on. I’ve no doubt it was considered but I expect it didn’t have the same performance as glucose syrup. I guess date syrup would sound more natural, but really it would just be a different source of sugar.

Personal opinion here, not backed up by science
The sugar from fruits compared to the sugar from other products I don’t personally believe is any better. Glucose/fructose or any other -ose, it’s all sugar. Obviously if you ate 10g of dates and 10g of Haribo, the date would be the better choice, but not because the sugar is better, but I think only because the date has vitamins and minerals and fibre in, in addition to lots of sugar. These elements are compensated for in Huel bars by our bespoke vitamin and mineral blend to top up the already abundant VM in the whole ingredients.

But I’m happy to be proved catastrophically wrong by any onslaught of articles you may find :smiley:

Either way, great to hear the bars are a good addition to your diet!

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I believe in terms of most areas, you’re right about the sugars being similar, though I believe I saw some studies indicate that the sugar in fruits doesn’t contribute (or at least as much) to diabetes - whether that’s due to the fibre and vitamins I’m unsure. However, be aware that isomaltulose/Palatinose is extremely different to other sugars (despite having to be labelled as one), having a GI of ~32, and hence not attributing the same negative effects in terms of blood sugar spikes that other sugars do.

We have fruit syrup from carob and apple in the bar and this, like date syrup, is actually higher in sugar as labeled than glucose syrup. We have to make the bars as moist as possible and we can use more glucose syrup for less sugar as labeled than the fruit syrups.

What is the glucose syrup you are using made from?

I’d love to know this too please. I have a wheat allergy so gluten free but sourced from wheat can cause a reaction for some Coeliacs.