Huel & being pregnant

Week 33, even less stomach space and a belly that looks like I’ve swallowed a giant watermelon.

Regular food does not agree with me anymore. So I tend to take more Huel. Specially in the afternoon and evening when I get very easily nauseous from regular food even when it’s a healthy meal.

I’ve also noticed Huel and water is not enough and leaves me feeling weak sometimes. So I add soy milk and fruit to give me a bit of a lift. I’ve also downsized to 1,5 scoop per meal to avoid nausea from being to full.

I filled my hospital bag in preparation of delivery. I’ve put an entire box of v3 bars in there :rofl: That should help me through if hospital food sucks again.

I’ve also finally found a colleague at work who uses Huel! She saw my shaker and said: “omg finally someone who also uses Huel. Now I can also safely bring my Shaker to work” :joy:

So that’s it for now. New update in a few weeks or baby pictures of which you have to pretend it’s the most beautiful and cutest baby you have ever seen. I think this kid is half Huel so I’m very curious what comes out…


LOL at the box of Huel bars in your hospital bag. Good thinking! Wishing you well for the birth :grinning:


I’ve been wondering (read: struggling) for some time now with how many calories I’m supposed to take.

I’ve seen 2 calculators on this forum: &

Yet none of this has an option for saying: “hey, I’m pregnant, be nice and give me extra calories”

Also it’s very unclear if you should even count in extra calories for a pregnancy and some sources say it depends on what trimester you are in…

Conclusion: I’m completely lost.

The calculators say I can take 1900 kcals to maintain weight so I’ll guess I will use that as a guideline…

@anon52829317 personally I would say… don’t worry about calories. Pregnancy is stressful / demanding enough without also worrying about calorie counting. Just eat as healthily as possible, take any supplements that your doctor recommends, and eat when you’re hungry.
I wouldn’t even bother monitoring your weight too much (unless you’re concerned that you might not be eating enough and may be losing weight). Certainly don’t worry too much about putting on a bit of weight because it’s hard to know if it’s the baby growing or fluid retention or fat gain or all three (which obviously is perfectly normal).
As for measuring Huel meals maybe just aim for 500 calories as that about average (?)


It’s a tough one and I would advise speaking to your doctor if you are confused.

I completely agree with @ChristinaT don’t worry about the calories! Listen to your doctor and your body rather than a webpage.

In the nicest way possible putting on weight is a good thing during pregnancy. Just remember weight is often not a great marker for how healthy you are.


I agree with @ChristinaT and @DanOfficialHuel No way you should be worrying about the calories right now. As Dan says, listen to your body and your doctor/midwife if necessary :grinning:

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Thanks for all of your replies. I haven’t gained any weight in the last weeks even though I’m in the third trimester and should gain about 3 to 6 kgs. That’s why I was thinking I need to eat more calories perhaps.

The baby is growing well and gaining weight so that’s good. And over my entire pregnancy my doctor says I’ve gained enough weight so they’re not worried. Being nauseous in the afternoon and evening makes it hard to keep on eating.

I do know how hard it is after a pregnancy to lose the weight again since I still have some left over kgs from baby number 1. That’s why I do monitor my weight gain because after all: I’m the one who has to get rid of it again.

But I will try not to worry about it too much. As long as we are both healthy it’s fine by me.


Thanks for all your updates - we’re hoping to try for a baby later on this year/early next year and I’ve been wondering if Huel is good to keep having whilst pregnant. It’s been such a good routine for me with work that I think I’d find it hard now to go back to how I was eating before!


I think Huel is great for pregnant women or women who try to get pregnant because of all the vitamins. If you’re pregnant though I wouldn’t recommend going 100% because you’ll have some cravings and need for real food.

Let me know how it all works out for you!

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It’s week 35 now. I placed a giant order with bars, RTD and powder to make sure I have enough to live on when the baby comes since I will be quite preoccupied by then.

Thank god my husband wasn’t home when I got two giant boxes delivered to my door :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I talked to my midwife again about not gaining any weight for the last 10 weeks. She says it does not matter since the baby is growing well. Apparently this kid is stealing all my healthy Huel nutrients haha.

I have noticed she becomes very active after having a shake. I imagine she is happy with the new supply then but it might be all in my head :joy:

I’m wondering if Huel will help with breastfeeding. During that period enough vitamins, calories and fluids are really important for making it work and Huel helps me with exactly that. Guess we’ll see what happens.


Good to hear everything is going great.

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How does the midwife know the baby is growing m?

They make an echocardiogram and measure her head, organs, arm and leg length. Based on the grow they can estimate how big she is and if her growth is within normal range.


A yes of course. Also “pret echo” funny echo​:roll_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I love this thread! Good luck with everything @anon52829317! Your daughter could be the world’s first Huel baby, if she gets superpowers please tell us! :yum:

Are you trying to give me nightmares?! :wink:


Are you trying to give me nightmares?! :wink:

Ha I just mean the days of shop bought sandwiches are long in the past! Couldn’t not have my one proper evening meal everyday but breakfast and lunch is just easy peasy!

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If the Huel factories shut down there would be pandemonium

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OMG it would be so awesome if she turned out to have superpowers. Or maybe she will be resistant to all diseases in the world.

That would spike up Huel sale :joy:

Too bad they don’t have tiny Huel T-shirts. I would have totally dressed her up Huel style :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


When your kid steels your freshly made Huel shake…

I can’t believe he drank it all… :rofl::rofl:


Starting them young! And I’m loving those slippers, so cute!

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