Huel chocolat rtd bottle is the same than Huel powered chocolate?

I had the opportunity to test the Huel RTD bottle Flavour chocolate, the powered chocolate is tasting the same?

Thanks you!

No. Taste texture and ingredients different


No, I have two bags of powered stuff and it tastes bitty so only had one serving, brought the 12 bottles of chocolate as smooth which is a bit better.

you will need a very high power domestic blender (1600-2000W) and even then leave the blended drink in the fridge for half an hour or so to let all the powder be absorbed into the liquid, before you get anywhere near the texture of an RTD drink.

Im one of those that only buy RTD as i don’t like the texture of normal huel.

The only way if found to get the same (ish) texture was to add 2 scoops and 200ml of water to my blender. Blending it. Leaving it in the fridge for an hour or so, before adding another 200ml and blending again with ice.