Huel Coffee V3

I’ve been drinking Huel Coffee every morning for at least 18 months.
Saw the V3 announcement but didn’t pay too much attention. But I should have. I am now stuck with 4 bags of something I find close to undrinkable. Way to sweet and a soft, gooey texture.

Pretty stupid if you ask me. At least make the older version available so people have a choice. I was a happy customer…

So shout out to the Huel development/marketing folks: let me know if the old version is available again. Better yet, send me a few bags. Until then: bye bye.

You can still order v2.3 via the outlet store here:
Looks like Coffee is still in stock.

Strange how people’s tastes differ. I was happy at the weekend that I finally finished the v2.3 bag of Coffee I got to try. I hated it, nowhere near strong enough for me.

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