Huel cravings?

So I have this beautiful 100% biological meal with steamed fish, steamed vegetables and whole grain rice in front of me. Doesn’t get any healthier than that in my household.

And all I can think about is: where is my Huel? I think I’m having pregnancy cravings for Huel :rofl:


Know the feeling, even though I’m not pregnant (haha).


I ended up having my Huel (extra sweet with strawberry protein :innocent:) and danced to Mc Hammer afterwards (no joke, my 2-year old couldn’t stop laughing at me)



Well, how I would’ve loved to see that :rofl:
Share the vids with the Huelers ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Whahahaha no way! Don’t wanna end up on Dumpert :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Next time I will share a pic of how my son looks at me at that moment. It’s like a mixture of surprise, uncertainty, laughter and disbelief. That says it all about my dancing skills :yum:

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Got a point there, leaving some to the imagination might even be more fun :rofl:

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I was craving like mad for a big pepperoni pizza and garlic bread tonight, it was torture. But I know I would suffer for it afterwards, the Huel I had instead hit the spot though .