Huel & Disability

Hi Everyone!!

I am a fairly new user of Huel. Now on my 2nd batch of Gluten & Flavour free. I add my own flavourings. I use Cinnamon, mixed vegetable & fruit powder, macqui berry powder. My latest additional flavouring is sea plankton powder. All mixed with 2 scoops Huel daily for lunch.

My sole aim of this daily routine is to get all my vitamins, minerals, nutrition and natural antibacterial products to assist in managing my autoimmune diseases including the latest to my growing list- Myeloma. I am really determined to mop up as many free radicals and boost my immune system. I take other natural products as well specifically aimed at managing rogue cancerous blood cells.

I am pretty crocked these days in my late 60’s with all my medical issues. I use a wheelchair to get around and spent some time in bed particularly when I get flare ups.

With Huel and a healthy diet for breakfast and dinner, I have lost about 5 kg in 2 months, feel more alert, more energy and feel like living!! I am a very stoical guy and want to be with my grandkids for as long as I can.

If anyone with a particular disability liked reading my story, please make contact if you would like more info/help etc. I have amassed much knowledge over the years!!

Best Wishes. Mike Hardy


You are so positive. Thank you for sharing as I too have health issues and want to try and get myself back to health and lose a lot of weight. Any pointers would be great and looking forward to your reply. I have Fibromyalgia, spondylitis of spine and 5 stone to lose :shushing_face:

Hi Mike,
How have you got on since August?
One of the reasons I’m trying Huel is that I am disabled as well and struggle to consistently cook healthy food. I have chronic pain and some days I can’t physically manage to cook so end up ordering food- all the food you can get delivered to your door easily seems unhealthy!!
I am hoping that Huel will help me lose some of the excess weight I’ve collected whilst being ill and make sure I have easy access to healthy food!!