Huel for sale near Sheffield

Hi all

As the title would suggest, I have some bags of Huel I could do with getting rid of.

I had a great time with Huel when I did use it but don’t really have need for it anymore - I managed to lose a couple of stone last summer (there’s a topic in here somewhere) - after which I kind of fell off the wagon and put a stone back on, and then since New Year I’ve managed to lose a couple of stone again, but this time it’s been more a result of lots of salads.

I initially thought I might be able to use up these last few bags of Huel but it’s become apparent that this isn’t really going to happen.

SO if you’re in the Sheffield region and are interested let me know

There are 3 bags - 2 berry and 1 new vanilla (all v 2.3), and they were delivered in November, completely unopened (I also have a couple of opened, nearly empty bags, hence why these haven’t been opened yet)

I’d be willing to take £30 for the lot - I’d prefer to sell the lot in one go just to make it simpler

If by some crazy turn of events I find myself in Sheffield over the next couple of days I will absolutely buy them from you. Would have to be a pretty wild weekend though…

Until then I hope someone local sees this post!

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There’s an app called OLIO that might help?

What is OLIO and how do I use it?

OLIO connects neighbours with each other and with local shops so surplus food and other items can be shared, not thrown away.