Huel Granola - Inedible


I am a new customer and just recieved my first Huel order. Both me and my partner really like the vanilla Huel powder and will certainly continue to order it!

…But upon trying to eat the granola (and failing, breaking a tooth in the process) I was wondering if there is some trick to eating it? :thinking: I left it soaked in milk for 20 mins and it was still inedible. It looks more like fish pellets than granola and it has the consistancy of set cement and gravel, which isn’t a hugely desirable consistancy for food :joy:

I’d love to get a refund as I’m really not happy at all with the product but apparently you don’t refund for opened packages?

Again, the shake is great! :grinning:


It does indeed. I do quite like it’s crunch and taste tho.


I love Huel granola :yum:

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I have a love-hate relationship with granola

@JamesCollier Hello James, I have a question, I have read somewhere that the oats when eaten with cold milk can be indigest (stodgy?-heavy). Does it also happen with the oats in the granola? Should it be eaten with hot milk?


Hi - I’m not really sure what you’re asking. Oats in Huel Granola are no more or no less stodgy than any other oats and, stodgy oats are of no problem anyway (unless, of course, you dislike stodginess). Huel Granola can be consumed with cold or hot milk (not that I’ve heard of anyone consuming the latter).


So do I, but it took a while. Now I wouldn’t be without it!

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Okay, so no problem to eat oats with cold milk, no difference in the way nutrients are absorbed


Correct - same for any oat-based food.


I have granola with Greek yoghurt, it’s delicious


it didn’t contain oats, it just contained small pellets and a lot of very hard clusters, as I said it broke a tooth, certainly not stodgy in the slightest, after 20 mins it was all still rock hard hence the description of it being like concrete/gravel. I eat regular granola all of the time and this was nothing like it.

Is there a chance of getting a refund? I see you’ve answered other questions in the thread but no one from Huel has actually replied to me as far as I can see?


@JimB You really need to email customer services about this at this isn’t a customer service platform.


Wanna send it my way? I may just have a Huel granola addiction :rofl:

Alternatively—if you don’t want to waste the open box I suppose you could grind it in a food processor, mix it with some butter and use it as a nutritious cheesecake/pie crust! :slight_smile:


I realise that now but can’t delete the post/topic because I don’t have permission, which is ridiculous.


I would send it over but don’t really fancy paying the extra for P&P :thinking: I like the sound of the cheesecake idea though! May well give that a go even if it does mess with the whole point of me starting Huel and trying to lose a bit of weight :sweat_smile:


You can make a fantastic protein-packed cheesecake using whipped Greek yogurt / quark (a quick Google should do the trick); I guess it’ll be like Huel Granola with yogurt, but inverted :joy: