Huel Hot & Savoury -what does it taste like?

Thinking of trying this - I’m currently using Black Huel for two meals a day, but I wanted to ask what does it really taste like and what is the texture? Is it gloopy like porridge or does it have real texture? Sounds amazing in theory, but I know from experience with other products (Purition is so not for me) that if the texture is off, it will make me gag.

Anyone able to describe it?


Hi. Welcome to the forum. I can show you a couple of pictures of Thai Green Curry made up if that helps. These were part of an experiment I did.

TGC experiment 2

I use more water for my Tomato & Basil, preferring to eat it as a soup. As mentioned elsewhere, I often add ramen to that soup to add some bite to it. Still a soup, but a soup with noodles.
T&B has a nice basic flavor, comfort food by itself but a nice base to add spices or noodles to.


You would have to see what works for you as regards how much water you add. If it’s too thick then add a little more boiling water and stir.

I too have mine more watery.

It’s very good! Lots of flavour and a good consistency. And just as Huel regular, it fills you up!