Huel in Georgia

Hi, I’m thinking of buying Huel for myself, however currently I’m located in Georgia, Tbilisi

Any thoughts how can I order? Anyone had similar experience?
Didn’t find Georgia in list during checkout


Hey Kirill, thanks so much for dropping us a message. We currently don’t ship to Georgia, the main reason is that because Georgia isn’t in the European Economic Area we would have to ship from the UK which would incur huge shipping and customs fees. The latter of which we can’t usually predict which would be a really bad experience for you.

However, it’s not a no forever and we’re always looking at new countries to roll out to so I will jot this down as a request so we know how many people are requesting Huel in the future!

I wouldn’t mind a holiday in Georgia, it’s lovely…so if you can pay my airfare I’ll bring some over in my luggage.

I’d take a train from Istanbul if it helps.

I also live in Tbilisi from one month. I think a lot of digital nomads go there because of low taxes. Also resigned before buying because of lacking Georgia on the list.