Huel Infant formula

I just found out I will be a father :slight_smile:

Among plenty of other things on my mind, there’s the question of nutrition. I am on 100% Huel, and intend to stay that way. The mother of the baby is on 100% Huel too, but after discussing it with the baby doctor, who knows nothing about Huel and is very skeptical - although he promised he’s going to look into it - she will be consuming some other foods in addition to Huel during the pregnancy.

On the other hand, the concept of infant formula is well understood by doctors and few are outright against it. I’ve looked at the available infant formulas on the market, and am appalled by their quality - lots of various sugars and artificial sweeteners, whey powder of questionable quality and lactose with unknown amount of contaminants, inferior bioavailability of minerals and vitamins, made in China, and likely lots other problems that I am not familiar with. Even the soy based infant formulas look poorly thought out.

The mother of the baby is physically unable to lactate, hence infant formula is a requirement.

Would the Huel team be interested in getting into the infant formula market? Has the team considered it? I know the standard Huel is not recommended for infants due to different nutritional requirements of infants, so a different version of Huel would have to be created.

I would love a Huel nutritionally complete infant formula - everything the baby needs and nothing more - unflavored & unsweetened.

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Hi there

Interesting thought. There’s lots of legislation around infant formulas. Maybe something to look in to in the future.

If this was a thing I would have bought a product like it.

My wife also couldn’t breastfeed at all, and my daughter was quickly diagnosed lactose/milk intolerant, she was very Ill when first born because of this.

Anyway she had to use that ‘wysoy’ crap for a long while until I got her onto solids.

Anyway @James collier @Julian you’ve got a gap in the market, there are plenty of parents concerned about what they give there newborns, especially those which dont/can’t breastfeed.