Huel made me sick

I am not a new Hueligan, I have enjoyed the benefits for a while. As usual I have ordered vanilla and berry in white bags. On the days that I have consumed them, I have suffered with hurrendous eggy burps, so bad and frequent that I have avoided company. I say it is Huel because it has happened every other day which happens to be my Huel day. If I was pushed, I would say it’s the Berry bag but it could be both. The contents of my bags appear as usual. The internet says sulphuric burps are usually caused by sulphur rich foods…has the recipe changed or is it just bad?

Hi Samantha, welcome to the Huel forum.

I’m sorry to hear this, there hasn’t been a change in the v3.0 Powder recipe so I’m not sure what’s going on here. It could be Huel or it may not be, because it hasn’t been a change to your diet.

@Cam_Huel will be able to help you by with getting you some new bags out just to be sure.

Of course, please drop me a message with your order number and I’ll be happy to send a replacement. :blush:


I’m certain it’s the Huel because it has occurred in the hours following consumption and on days where no Huel was consumed there was no issue. I agree it seems odd.

My most recent order was Order: #2840329 21/02/2022.

I appreciate the support. Thank you.

Did you turn them around for a profit on ebay?

Have you taken a break from Huel recently or changed your diet? Can’t say I’ve experienced eggy burps, but certainly other eggy gasses from consuming huel; but that was a result of my body changing from a low fiber to a high fiber diet far too quickly. I’ve found that probiotics help with the digestion of Huel and prevent the nasty side effects… perhaps it’s something that would help in your case if it wasn’t a faulty batch?

Thanks for your input. I will try some probiotic👍

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