Huel + Mind Lab Pro

So my first ever batch of huel should be arriving tomorrow and I intend to eventually move up to a 4 meal a day plan with some added probiotics so i can ditch my shitty eating habits and start a new healthier lifestyle! I might even start doing some light exercise and yoga!

Qnyways, onto the main toppic. I am also going to be taking Mind lab pro supplements along with huel, with claims to be a universal nootropic that helps the brain. My question is should there be any negative effects of combing this with huel?

As far as i can see there a few things that is has that huel already provides. there is Citicoline which i can only see helping as it is similar to Choline, which argueably huel currently doesn’t supply enough off, and there is also high amounts of vitamin b6 and b12, which probably is useless as huel aready provides enough of both of these!

Furthermore, is there anything else that i could include that could potentiality help me nutritionally?



I’d also be interested to know the answer to this as I’ve been looking into Nootropics for a while…

please note mind lab i think only includes natural ingredients, my main issue with it is it doesn’t supply nearly enough Bacopa monnieri. you need like 600mg or so to get any real benefit from it alone, though i suppose the combination of the ingredients could possibly enhance the supplement. mind lab pro could be useless. guess i’ll find out!

These are other “nootropics” you could suplement.

It doesn’t include any Racetams, which include Piracetam, Phenylpiracetam, Aniracetam, Noopept etc… studies have shown that with added choline in your diet these are improved so i imagine they would be even better with Huel. Must take into account that these may be in a legal grey area in the uk atm because of the psychoactive substance ban, i’m not entirely sure if they are legal.

Modafinil, armodafinil and adrafinil
Mondafil is the one most people go for, it’s a prescription drug but you just need to talk to a pysician, not a doctor. Armodafinil is purer, therefore much more expensive, sometimes stronger. Adrafinil is inexpensive and prescription free and converts to Modafinil through your liver, which it will cause stress on and probably isn’t worth taking for a long period of time.

Funnily enough, Nicotine in incredibly low doses increases mitochondrial which benifits your brain. I’m talking much lower doses than smoking. That is still bad for you.

CoQ10 and PQQ both help in production of mitochondria, anything with mitochondria is going to make you brain work better and it’s better than nicotine for sure!

Forskolin & artichoke extract
Forskolin has been used by indians for thousands of years
Forskolinand artichoke extract has been linked with a boost to learning and memory formation.

Doctors have prescribed Amphetamines like Aderall to students and ADHD sufferers for years for cognitive improvement but it’s not really i smart drug in my opinion, it’s a dumb drug that comes with many side effects and is addictive. Stay away from Amphetamines.

LSD has been used like a smart drug for a while, about 1/10th of the dose of a recreational dose definitely will increase cognitive ability but also make you susceptible to hypnotic suggestion, so not good for decision making. Also it’s illegal so i’m not going to promote it’s use, i’d just say be very careful and research a lot to anyone does decide to go down this path.

We used to micro dose ftw =]


I’m interested to see how this goes

Well, the Nutrient Reference Values are the minimum the average person needs in order to not get ill. Whether it’s the optimum level for you to be at your best is another matter.

Shame there wasn’t many responses to this thread. I’m about to purchase my first months worth of this supplement, which will be replacing my two coffees that i drink each day.

Took Huel 70% and Mindlab Pro for over 2 weeks. No issues. In short, the noots actually worked far beyond my expectations. I simply think better. I love coffee (3 a day celebration) but the mindlab stuff has decreased my habit. No idea why since there is no kick or stimulant in the stuff.

Currently I’m trialing Bertrand and had some skin issues but I just so happened to go from 2 x mindlab to 3 on the same day. It’s too early in my case whether B12 overdose or the Bertrand was the cause. Huel 70% and mindlab x 2 tablets is fine.

Right now, I’m dialling back to 1 Huel (4 scoops) 1 Bertrand (4scoops = 167g) and 2 Mindlab pros a day for the remainder of this week.

Stacking other things which have common vitamins does make it a challenge.


just got my first mind lab pro bottle today, looking forward to taking 2 pills a day as well as 4 Huel shakes

Huel is just food. Perhaps check with the Mind Lab Pro folk to find out if their product is compatible with food :wink:


lol, its more the fact that I’d be in a position where my body is being fed 100% without lacking in any nutrients. Then topping that off with a universal nootropic.

Mind Lab Pro is natural - no drugs - so in a way it’s just like Huel but formulated just for the brain…there’s some overlap which is most probably the reason why people are wondering whether it’s safe to take.

So how it is going on guys? Any superpowers you got by using mind lab? :slight_smile: How good is it working for you?

Just Chiming in - I’ve recently got Huel and have stacked it with modafinil and my morning coffee. I feel great - no foggyness, just focused and staying alert.
Interested to see others experiences!

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Still going with the MLP and it’s kind of indispensable as my morning coffee. If I’m tired it does nothing but with a good night’s sleep it definitely results in clearer thinking in stressful situations.The B12 clash with Huel does give me hot flushes. The cost however is almost a deal breaker. The bump in cognition I’d say is 10-25% based on how naturally energized you are on the day.

N acetyl tyrosine, theanine, and coffee/green tea. Maybe also add ginkgo biloba too.

This is my basic long-term nootropic stack. It is also a ton cheaper than MLP.

I tried adding in Ashwagandha once and spent 2 days feeling drunk, so it certainly does something to GABA receptors… Slept well though :wink: but probably wasn’t to most productive work day…

Oh and I also take 50mgs of zinc which can also increase dopamine conversion.