Huel Offshore

Hello all,

I’ve been dabbling with huel for month or so now, generally when I am too lazy to make my standard mountain of veggies and eggs for breakfast. Certainly not using every day but a few shakes a week and like others, I’ve found they satisfied my hunger and leave me feeling energised.

Where I have really found huel useful is when I am on the oil rigs. The food choices and quality is variable at best and fresh veggies can be few and far between. The meal times are also fixed which doesn’t always work for my schedule or appetite. I’m currently offshore and so for this trip I’ve had 3 x scoops huel ~ twice daily and it’s made my life much easier.

I find the vanilla huel horrendously sweet, although leaving in the fridge for a while before drinking does seem to improve things. At the moment I am using the U&U on its own or with 1 tsp the cacao mix which is actually almost savoury. Really quite tasty. Just using the shaker out here but I’m not bothered by the lumps and much prefer a thicker consistency.

I’m getting a fair amount of stick for doing this so I guess I am looking for some solidarity from other huel using offshore workers!



People always give stick on something that is either new or they don’t understand. I got stick when I started and now some of them people even use it.

Personally though I stopped caring what people think a long time ago :stuck_out_tongue:


I get stick for most of the things I do…(or don’t do)…like you I cease to care now.


Hi Rachel

You are not alone.

I work offshore on a 4/4 rota and take 4 x packs of vanilla with me. 3 x scoops for lunch + after cardio in evening., cereal / porridge in between.

Works for me :slight_smile: