Huel on the news

Did anyone notice Huel on Sky News when a Nurse was being interviewed.

2:30 onwards

I know it’s not the best situation to be in but I suppose it highlights the cost effectiveness of Huel even during these difficult times we are going through.

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With a MyProtein shaker, confirming the new design with detachable cap is inferior to the previous design :joy:

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It’s sky news, they’ll have got her to use an unbranded shaker.

Really looks like this

Myprotein dont make their own shakers - its a branded version of one of Buchsteiner’s model range. many brands/companies use them in different colours and branding.

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I see, my bad then.
But the main point stills stands: attached cap > detached cap

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Likely the director/photographer would’ve requested not to use an opaque Huel shaker. Viewers are being directed to consider the contents so transparency of the bottle is much more effective for the shot.

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Stop bringin up excuses :joy: accept the superiority of an attached cap: think of all the one-hand usage you can’t do with the new bottle

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Bulk Classic Shaker Bottle, Clear, 750 ml : Health & Personal Care

There you go. Problem solved

Thanks for sharing this James! Always interesting to see Huel on TV. I hope she knows that Huel has more than just calories in :pray:


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Jeezo £35 grand a year, im on about £20 odd a year and im not in such desperate times as her, she must live in London (didnt watch whole vid)

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