Huel postage to Dubai

Hi is anyone here based in the UAE? I have my first shipment coming to me while im here in the UK but am wondering how, if I like it, easy it will be to get in Dubai. The postal service is pretty poor there and I can see it going missing.

Are there any suppliers in the UAE?


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I’m afraid we don’t have any suppliers at all, beyond Amazon UK and ourselves. Of the few deliveries that have been made to the UAE we haven’t heard of any issues. Let us know how it went.

Hi. Is there any update on huel availability on the UAE, I would like to try it. Thanks

I ordered a shipment to the UAE mate and received it in 3 days!!!

Thanks Max. That’s quick! How did you do it? What shipping service did you use?

I just used the online store and they organised everything, I believe it came through aramex at our end…

Just got my second deliver to the UAE, ordered Friday, received Sunday!! Kudos to the Huel team.

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