Huel + Raspberry Ketones + Matcha powder

Try it Raspberry ketone powder + Matcha green tea powder from Bulk powders mixed with Huel. Tastes great and burns fat like mad!


What has the rest of your diet been like?

what makes it burn fat? im new too this sorry if its obvious

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Matcha green tea powder has two advantages in that in increase the thermogenic effect or metabolic rate (fat burn) and is very high in antioxidants. Raspberry ketones again increase your metabolic rate. So by combining the correct balance of calorie intake and vitamin, nutrient intake (Huel) along with an increased metabolic rate, you’ll feel more energetic as well as burning off the fat faster!

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I eat a reasonable balance. But I find eating normal food doesn’t give me anywhere near the amount of vitamins and nutrients my body needs.

thats a perfect response thank you!! you say ‘thermogenic effect’ and ‘metabolic rate’ would that raise blood pressure? its one of the reasons i want to loose weight to try and control my blood pressure

I’m no expert here, and it would probably be wise to speak to your doctor, but I’m pretty sure increasing your metabolic rate, and therefore reducing your weight, would in turn improve circulation and hopefully reduce your blood pressure.

sounds fab!

I love the mocha flavour pouch from Huel could I mix them with that? :astonished:


I have ordered a small pack of each :relieved:

How many shakes do u have per day and do you add these in to each and have you noticed changes in body and performance?

Ha you have started something now :smile:


I hope you’re getting a cut of all these sales!

Thanks for the tip!

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thats what i would of thought aswell! much appreciated mate! i hope you get in on that referring a friend you could make a few pounds! I ordered it!!

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Would love to know @JamesCollier opinion here…

I added two 50g sachets of Raspberry Ketone powder, plus a 100g sachet of Matcha powder straight into my Huel and mixed it all up! Then every day I have two scoops of my wonder mix (approx 30g each) into 500ml of Alpro Oat milk. I must add I only do this instead of normal milk as I’m lactose intolerant. I’ve gotta say it tastes lovely.

Afraid not.

Eating normal food is so passé ! :smile:

I have sent him a message. I’d love to know his thoughts on this too

Hi guys

Matcha green tea contains catechins which are antioxidents and have a thermogenic effect which helps ‘burn’ fat; there is science behind this. However, the amount of catechins is important and I’m not sure of the amount in your product.

Raspberry ketones - their effect on weight loss is not very convincing or backed by good science, I’m afraid. There seems to eb a heavy marketing slant here.


The science is proven in rats and mice, but at very high dosages. No known studies on humans that I am aware of.

I’d read research too that raspberry ketones don’t work. I think the only real way to get ketones in your system is to adopt a ketogenic diet e.g. <50g carbs a day (although it varies from person to person).

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Hi there,

Well I have ordered the combination…

So B1G_BAZ , do you open a bag of Huel and add the matcha tea and raspberry ketones in and as you said scoop it out that way?

I was just going to spoon them in the blender…

Looking forward to this!