Huel Ready-to-drink is here …


That’s like literally spot on my ideal house. I might plant a few trees though.


No neighbours to complain about drumming or dog poo. Very exposed though, think I would try to start a new rainforest. Also needs fresh water supply. Apart from that, perfect!!


I do feel sorry for the guy that has to deliver your Huel there. It seems like long walk to your front door :joy:


Lucky Greg :scream:


So I’ve just had my first bottles of RTD. Had the vanilla for breakfast which was ok to taste, similar taste to the powder. The berry flavour I had at lunch was lovely! I’ve read the comments above and I was a lazy hueler, had the powders but didn’t like the faff (at the time there was only original and vanilla flavours so would add fruit). I definitely think RTD will suit me more, I can keep the bottles in work and won’t get all the usual derision that the shaker did. The plastic I know isn’t ideal but I do believe this will help me in my wish to be more healthy and eat less meat. Well done Huel!


Be warned with using collection points for this delivery. My collection refused this delivery of 24 Huel Ready to drink as it was too heavy! Now bear in mind a lot of these collection points are manned by older guys and this box of 24 shakes is quite heavy - so be prepared for them to refuse the possibility of an injury and refuse to take ownership of the delivery! In addition to this - DPD have messed up a further 2 deliveries of this product. So i have given up.


I will stick with powdered Huel until I can add a couple of bottles to my subs to try.


Yes, my delivery driver left it with downstairs neighbour cos as @coup thinks I live in a remote lighthouse, as he couldn’t be arsed to carry it upstairs…he just left me a card saying he’d delivered it downstairs…even though I was in.

Having said that…I picked it up, and then my neighbour talked to me for 15 minutes…and it wasn’t a problem holding it for that time,


Lucky you (both for living in a light house - nice and having good neighbours). I have given up with Huel. The delivery company are beyond pathetic and its basically impossible (bar me standing outside all day and taking a day off work) to receive it


That’s a shame. This has been discussed before. DPD in my area are pretty good, but in other places they are shocking. The problem is no one company is consistently good everywhere, so whoever Huel choose…someone won’t be happy with the delivery service. What I like about DPD is there is an hour slot and you can track approx location within that hour, so does help to keep an eye on it.

Bad courier service is one of my pet hates, cos I use lots of them, so I feel your frustration.


In London DPD are appalling, I winced when I noticed Huel used them. This is not rocket science though as with todays adventure - all the driver had to do was follow very clear instructions in leaving the item in a safe place (which was approved by DPD customer services on Saturday). There are many better delivery companies but unfortunately DPD is one of the cheaper ones for this business. Fed Ex are in my opinion the best. I mean DPD dont even have a central London depot to collect from (its miles away in some place called Southall) - its beyond why a company like Huel who want to expand would neglect a city like London. Well this saving has bitten them on the arse and lost this customer.


Southall is London to us country bumpkins!!! Oo-ah ooh-ah, by tractor it’s much too far! :rofl:


Haha. Well for those who live/work in London its 11 miles from the center and even bigger nightmare if you live further east. All the half decent delivery companies have far more depots for convenience. And besides - why advertise collection pick up points who then refuse to take the package?!


I hear ya. Was trying to be funny. Maybe I should leave that to @hunzas, he’s much better at it than I am, although his humour isn’t everyone’s cup of barista style organic decaff chai latte.

Edit: of course I meant vegan fair-trade free-range barista-style organic decaff chai latte infused with spices trampled by Andean grass-fed virgin alpacas.


My nearest DPD depot ia 15.1 miles according to Google Maps, and doing that on my tractor takes a week and holds up commuters; they don’t like that.


DPD have had my pants down today. Nevermind my parcel, I’m still waiting for my one hour time slot from 11am.

I just asked the chat bot who said huel haven’t given it to them yet even though I got an email from DPD saying it was coming Monday. Begs the question why do DPD send the email before picking up the parcel.


Hey just wanted to share my experience of DPD in north West London (NW6). They have been fantastic for my entire Huel journey over the last 2 years. I have never had trouble with a single parcel. You have the option to have the parcel delivered to a local shop or registered collection point, to save you ever having to go to their depot. I used to do this, because I live in a block of flats and was concerned my parcel would be intercepted if it was left downstairs. Now I just leave a little note saying pretty please carry my parcel up three flights of stairs and leave it outside my flat door, and, god bless them, whether it’s my regular order of 8 bags or my most recent order of 24 bottles of RTD, those absolute legends carry it all the way up and even send me a picture so I know it’s been taken care of. Thanks DPD :pray:


The horror! That doesn’t sound so vegan to me!


There are no DPD pick-up shops in my city at all, which seems a bit crazy. Plus in my area, the DPD drivers do not carry those hand-held tracker/scanner things so 1hr time-slots are not given, you simply get an email telling you your parcel will be with you by the end of the day. But 9 times of ten, the parcel gets put on the wrong van, ends up at the wrong end of the country, spends a few days at a depot 400 miles away, eventually gets found after numerous calls to customer service (who rarely answer the phone), makes its way back to your own local depot, only to be be put on the wrong fhfghkrtuhkurgug-ing van again and end up back where it started.
It then either gets completely lost, and you have to put a claim in via the sender, or it gets damaged (I assume a disgruntled depot person gets sick of having to search for parcels so simply stamps on it), and you have to put a claim in via the sender, or it does eventually get delivered to your address, but without any email notification that its coming, and then they ignore your safe-place or deliver to neighbour instructions and send it back to the depot again, to restart the entire fiasco all over again…
Ok. Grumble over. For now


My dpd drivers carry scanners…which is pretty good considering i live on a remote island accessible only by canoe according to @coup
After delivery it is always fun nipping out to see if the driver has left the island or has been brought down by a flurry of arrows.

I do have an interesting story about one of my DPD drivers who is from Manchester and makes bez from the Happy Mondays look with it. Ive never seen a living zombie before…but he had obviously hoovered up all the Es and wizz and it is still in his system. Anyway. I cant tell the story because it would be unfair and he told me in confidence. The other regular DPD driver looks like Jeffrey Dahmer.