Huel Ready-to-drink is here …


After all the great reviews, I’m actually now scared to drink the RTD for fear that it tastes so much better than Huel Powder that I’d never want to go back…



I’ve only had RTD Berry, but it tastes a lot better than powder Berry. 1) Because the flavour is so much stronger and 2) the texture and body of the liquid is a lot nicer. But it’s not a fair fight because the nutritional profile is not the same.


You’ll love it. I’m genuinely wondering what other expenditures I can cut back on to just make the switch over to RTD full time


I tried both. I think I prefer vanilla more which surprised me.
There is a chalky aftertaste despite me shaking up the drink a lot.

What I noticed after is a very ‘fishy’ breath smell after drinking the RTD that I had wonderful comments on. Has anyone else got this from people close and dear to them?


Love the RTD taste and texture and actually prefer it to the powders. I’m still going to be using the powder given the cost difference, but will keep some RTD on hand for when I just need to grab and go.


So I have purchased a box of ready to drink as I am travelling next week. I however thought I would try it and on first attempt the powder is alot nicer. The RTD is a different texture all together. The taste profile over the powder Vanilla is alot more nutty and I would not reorder based on the vanilla taste alone.

I think Huel are dammed if they do and dammed if they don’t with RTD. They either don’t push this to market and get swallowed up and remain a niche brand or compete with everyone else that has this kind of offerings knowing that there core base/customer is with the powder and the regular users.

If I was to re-order it would be for the convenience and not vanilla.


I agree. In order to grow they need different and more products that are less niche. bars and RTD fulfil those criteria. There are still environment considerations around RTD…alas single use plastic is everywhere. I’d still prefer someone buy RTD huel than a pre-packed beef sandwich.


@hunzas you put too much vegan wine in your Huel today?! Your spelling has suddenly gone all to pot… :grin:


Pot? :smile:


Is that Devonian or Cornwallian speak?


I am somersetian. Not sure why my spelling is so erratic today.


Oops, sorry. Is there a Somersetian language?


I used to work with a lady from Plymouth and if she spoke full Plymouth I couldn’t understand a word :joy:


Gurt lush me babber. Cassen zee me tra-ur. Ah yer tiz.


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‘Ah yer tiz’ sounds familiar. I say that when I forget where I put stuff (often) and find it again :laughing:


Come to think of it, she did have my vegan sausage in her mouth (not all of it obviously). May explain why I couldn’t understand her. She shouldn’t have been trying to talk with her mouth full anyway.


Now you’ve explained your location @hunzas I retract my comment about your spellling. If you read your post out loud, you sound right like us all else round 'ere


Bumpkins ahoy. How many fingers do you have? Are they webbed? And for true authenticity…is your brother also your dad?


It’s all lies. Here is an aerial photo of @hunzas’ actual house