Huel recomposition experiment

So I bought around 8 bags of Huel last year because I fell inlove with the concept of a vegan complete nutritional supplement. I digress. I played with Huel all year, having a shake here and there and recently I’ve gained about 10lbs (thanks college).

Today I decided I should go ahead and dive in. Im not new to fitness and nutrition, but I do like the idea of living like a vegan vampire, so today I had Huel for breakfast, and I’m going to be cutting for the next few weeks on 100% Huel and depending on how it goes, next year when I start bulking, I’m considering trying to bulk on 100% for fun (no promises).

Heres my weight gain since last year, and the heavier pic is my day 1, for my 100% Huel cut. I’ll keep you posted.

I left this part out. 9 scoops of Huel per day, 1500 calories for 4 weeks as an initial trial.

That works for me as a cut.

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You definitely look lighter !!
Even your hair !!


LOL… just the hair

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Crazy how gaining weight causes my hair to change so drastically.