[Huel Shitstorms] How to consume huel as first meal of the day?

If I drink huel first thing in the morning, I have to rush to the washroom for a shitstorm. I tried drink two glasses of water before drinking huel, but that hasn’t helped.

For people who drink huel for breakfast first thing in the morning, how do you cope?

Should it even be the first meal of the day?

Never once had that problem and I drink Huel most mornings since 2016

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Sounds quite convenient: take on fuel, evacuate waste, ready to start the day!
Better than having to sit on the pot at work mid-morning. Or getting caught short in traffic. :flushed:

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I often have Huel for breakfast and have never had that happen to me. Does the same thing happen after drinking Huel at other times of day?

I soak my morning shake overnight. Not had this problem. Maybe try half portion.

Or a big cork.


Looking at your previous posts this is something you’ve brought up before. If you’re still running into issues I’d recommend to stop having Huel first thing in the morning.

I’ve not had an issue with this.
I do make up my Huel and store it in the fridge overnight. That may help?

What do you reckon @AlexGreyhead :wink:

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I think some people would pay good money for such an effective cleanser…

(That said, I think @Dan_Huel’s advice may be the way forwards… ;o).


I had issues the first 48 hrs when I first tried Huel because it flushed out my system but no problem since. Been consuming Huel Black every morning for 6 months now. Matter of fact I won’t have anything else for breakfast. Bowel movements been best in my life since I started on Huel Black.

@nz212, try without the pre Huel glasses of water but also try making the Huel a bit thicker.

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