Huel usage following bariatric surgery


Does anyone have an opinion on using fuel 100% after bariatric surgery? Obviously volume wise it would need to be consumed in smaller and more frequent portions but nutritionally, what’s your view?


I don’t recall this being discussed in depth before so here’s hoping for a useful information rich thread. Can’t contribute directly, but here’s a link with some info that might serve to raise some of the relevant issues: It has a section on post surgery diet progression & macro needs/issues.


Response below is written by James!

Huel is great to use if you’ve had gastric band or other bariatric surgery. As the transit time for food is quicker post surgery, some people experience rebound hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar levels). The ingredients in Huel are low glycaemic and ideal to reduce the risk of these symptoms. However, to be cautious, we recommend that you keep your servings of Huel smaller and spread through the day like you suggest; i.e. 5-6 small portions, rather than 3-4 larger servings. Obviously this depends on your requirements and whether you’re consuming Huel 100% of your nutrition.